the only existing photo of me in homestuck cosplay, circa 2019

needing to go outside to survive vs the fear of being known

Ive seen a few things to make me want to start a thread on "bizarre shit I find while job hunting" but this is the one to finally make me start it. What the fuck does this mean

drew yiffy!! now i gotta draw all of the candy kids. i love themmm #homestuck #homestuck2

Holy crap wikipedia has a page for Homestuck's music

hello fellow white people. it's easy to post "fuck the police" and say "i would never call the police" and listen to millions of dead cops and think 1312 thoughts but! have you considered what you would do INSTEAD of calling the fash? no? how about a lil homework:


deescalation seminar:

12 things to do instead:

not being a bystander:

LOTS of links:

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