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SUPER AWESOME COOL fantroll card art of Vivace, by @melonsharks on twitter! I love it so much hhh

sometime's i do rly think the name Roxy is cute or Rox but then i remember i too, would be a trans person with a Homestuck-inspired name and i don't think i'm strong enough yet

slapping meme stickers on my laptop so the Ladies know I'm Hip and With It

hhh i havent ate all day, not for lack of trying i just... keep passing out. gonna eat now tho

whenever i see a post that's like "the character in ur icon is now ur _______ (wife, enemy, etc.)" i always don't know how to feel cause i think deep down i see all my OCs as an extension of myself, so them being my romantic partner or whatever hits kinda weird

what should my gf and i play today i need suggestions

i honestly really struggle a lot still to tell whether i'm actually transmasc... i see so many masc characters in video games etc where i REALLY wish i looked like them? but at the same time i don't think i, myself, would look good? but would i be happier??? ughhhhhh


i see a girl with short blue hair in media n i get a lil untamed is all im saying

fellas is it gay to eat at five guys? theres five gu

tamagotchis are so sick, we should all have em and do the trade-y thing just out in public like pokemon go

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Today's gender is the sound of a tornado siren.

don't talk to me and my 600 discount pop figurines ever again

CW: body issues, kinda gross maybe(?), chest issues, health problem 

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is it gay to scavenge? You just collecting (useful items) by searching through refuse.

dating anybody who can brush my cat's teeth because i sure as hell can't do it myself

i am so glad people are finally calling out the name "Cho Chang" like J.K what was that, seriously what the fuck, i'm asian and you could've just. used google. or asked someone. or SOMETHING. why that,

im japanese and i swear one day a friend of mine is gonna do this and die. but someone's gotta risk it

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lol yeah i can use chopsticks?? watch *deepthroats it*

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