@Latula holy crap i havent thought about calvinball in years thank you for the endorphins

this is due to all the sysadmins losing their minds when firefox broke blocklists

if youve never been in a fight before what are you doing with your life

ah the good old days, reading femslash and worrying about walking to school. how nay eevie

i remember back when i would report people for flicking to my head in under a frame, now i have become the very thing i swore to destroy

throwback to my dumbass middleschool self getting lesbian comphet as a "dude"

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When ur ADHD and you're listening
except you don't process a single word and warp to another dimension

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Nsfw text, stupid comic ideas because memes 

i was named rose before i read homestuck so she kins me

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twitter link, forcefem apology 

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this is the only social media i can spend more than five seconds on and all yall that know me know that i know how to know how to make up for lost time

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if you're interested in supporting me & my work directly, I'm accepting contributions on liberapay: liberapay.com/katemitchell/

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